SCE since 1978 has been designing and creating custom electronic solutions for every industrial sector.

Research is its guide. Year after year, it has increased his skills with the development and production of microprocessor-based systems, Industrial PC, CNC, operator terminals and custom electronic boards. Then, with the acquisition of CS (former Convertitori Statici), SCE aquirered a tradition of over 40 years of power electronics. Today, SCE is as Solution Provider, a technological and strategic partner in the development of innovative electronic solutions, starting from hardware and software engineering and arriving to an efficient post-sales service.

Reliability over time is its goal.
Thanks to the development of custom electronics, the Customer that relies on SCE will be able to realize products with a very high quality and a very long-life cycle.

SCE brand tells the story of a change.
Yesterday was an Integrated, an electronic component that symbolizes the first frontier of automation. Today a promise, the Bishop. One of the main symbol of loyalty.
A fundamental element of the chessboard that, like SCE, moves in a transversal way with a long-term strategy: the achievement of objectives beside the King and the Queen (Customers and Suppliers). Inside it flows the energy of electronic circuits that make ideas and companies moving. Its colors, green and blue, underline the search for technological innovations through sustainable ways.


The strategic heart of SCE

The internal R & D technical team is composed of several expert technicians and engineers able to design electronic systems developing hardware and software parts, and providing at the same time a valuable support to “mechatronics” design. Particular attention is given to the certification paths of the products with instrumental and EMC-type tests carried out inside the factory’s shield room. The 80% of the total devices produced in SCE is customized based on customer requirements and on the particular specifications required by his industrial applications.




To ensure the quality control of the products realized, and for a real “Made in Italy” offer, SCE assembles internally its industrial PCs and monitors, lithium Battery Packs, customized electronic and energy conversion equipment. The internal assembly department is characterized by great flexibility, experience and motivation, thanks to a staff of peaple with high-level technical skills and great teamwork abilities.The testing of 100% of outgoing products represents the best guarantee, which differentiates the SCE proposal from those of many Italian and foreign competitors. The thermal chamber for the temperature tests, the needle bed and the flying probe (test for the electronic boards) are some of the elements that allow the tests to give maximum reliability to every systems realized and placed on the market.