SCE develops customized electronic solutions for industrial automation, thanks to a team made of 40% engineers and specialized technicians. Flexibility, operational dynamism and technological innovation, combined with the strong corporate attitude to the complete customer satisfaction, allow SCE to operate in every industrial sector: from ceramics to machine tools, from food to automotive, from logistics to systems of high definition printing, to energy storage systems and lithium cell battery packs.


Thanks to its geographical proximity to traditionally important sectors such as ceramics and food industry, SCE has developed the first electronic products for industrial automation in the late 1970s, specializing up to the present day as a manufacturer of advanced hardware for applications in environments particularly harsh. With the experience made on electric vehicles since 2002, and with the acquisition of the know-how of Static Converters since 2004, SCE has entered in the Alternative Energy sector (with lithium battery packs and Storage stations) and in the Energy Conversion one (UPS, inverter, battery chargers and converters of various types and powers).

Over the years, electronic boards have been developed for the control of Inkjet printers, numerical controls and for punching machine tools, for packaging, biomedical, fuel management and solvent regenerators. Moreover, SCE designed advanced solutions for printing machines in the ceramic sector, terminals and PCs resistant to harsh environments for food industry, and several vehicle monitoring units for the automotive. Thanks to the experience gained on the field, SCE can respond to any request coming from the most difficult industrial sectors giving the best solutions in terms of reliability and innovation.

Since the early 2000s SCE has started operating in the electric vehicle sector (first with salt batteries, then with lithium ones), dealing with cell management and the supervision of all electronics installed on the vehicle. Over time, in addition to becoming one of the leading players in Italy in the production of BMS (Battery Management System) and lithium cell battery packs, the company entered in the alternative energy market proposing photovoltaic storage solutions, thanks to combination of complementary know-how between the inverter-battery charger part of the Convertitori Statici (now a company’s internal division) and the control and management of the batteries that is part of SCE experience.

With the acquisition of Convertitori Statici in 2004, SCE increases its range of products and systems with a complete energy conversion offer: inverters, battery chargers, DC/DC converters and UPS are now part of  company proposal to answer to the growing market demands for increasingly integrated systems. The applications developed thanks to this new know how touched new areas where quality and reliability are indispensable prerequisites, giving solutions to companies operating among others in the railway sector and in the gas distribution, in lighting and cathodic protection, in medical and building automation field.


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