The INOX range is expanding

By April 29, 2020product, products



SCE INOX MONITORS are born to expand the range of products, destinated to food, chemical and farmaceutical sectors. They have been designed to comply with the regulations on the traceability of every lot. It is directly installed on the production lines and connected with the company information system; it allows to remote the intelligence in “more protected” areas or to duplicate the display of the already installed INOX PCs.

The SCE INOX MONITORS took into consideration the particular needs of the sector::
– Use of stainless steel to comply the hygiene and safety regulations of the food industry
– Resistance to strong operative temperatures changes, near or below 0掳C during processing
–聽End-of-day washing of machinery and production lines, including PC, with high pressure lances, with consequently presence of condensation and humidity
– Use of sharp objects such as blades and knives that could damage membranes or plastic parts.

Technical features:

Stainless steel case, which guarantees hygiene and washing resistance
True Flat front frame, up to IP68 protection degree
Multitouch Projected Capacitive Touchscreen with tempered glass assure protection from dirt, water, scratches, cuts and intensive use by the operator, even in the harshest areas;
路 Wall mounting or desktop mounting by a steel support provided as optional or VESA mounting by arm or vertical floor stand
Stainless steel industrial keyboard with trackball that can be installed together with the PC聽

Visit our “MONITOR INOX” page, for further technical details.