Battery Pack for lithium AGV/LGV

Battery Pack for lithium AGV/LGV

SCE has realized so far several hundred lithium systems for AGVs and LGVs, automatic guided vehicles usually used for goods handling inside production plants or big warehouses.
In a sector where the use of machinery is intensive, the autonomy and optimization of battery is a fundamental element: lithium batteries, allowing more autonomy, the use of a smaller amount of batteries, lower charging time and the constant monitoring of the state of batteries charge, represent nowadays the most efficient solution for this type of application.

In the specific case, the customer need was to replace a pre-existing traditional lead-gel batteries battery pack with a lithium cell one. This step, in addition to a saving in terms of weights and dimensions, thanks to the possibility of knowing the LGV state of charge in a precise and punctual manner, allowed the customer to purchase a fewer amount of shuttles thanks to more efficient coverage of work shifts. SCE for this important customer realized 48V – 7.680Wh battery packs with LiFePO4 cells, managed by a single supervision system that allows remote control of each battery packs.

Battery Pack technical features:

• LiFePO4 batteries of 160AHA (32 cells);
SCE Modular BMS for the management and monitoring of the system;
300A current sensor;
• Automotive safety contactor;

• IP44 protection mechanics for industrial applications;
• CAN charging system for communication with the BMS;
• Heating system for operation in environments at -30°C.

Thanks to the know-how acquired since 2007 by developing the first BMS for this type of batteries in the automotive sector, today SCE is a “technological partner” for any customer who approaches (or already works) with lithium technology, working side by side towards the best solutions for their application in terms of safety, reliability and innovation.