M12 Battery Management System produced by SCE is a Master-Slave modular system with a central unit (BCU) and one or more control units (BMU): it allows the management from a minimum of 4 up to a maximum of 144 cells.




Battery control unit for managing the entire system

The BCU includes:
· 4 outputs driven by the software with redundant hardware protections from the power relay control;
· 4 isolated inputs for checking the status of the BMS;
· 1 PWM output for charge control;
· LAN, USB, RS-485, CAN BUS interface;
· Isolated CAN BUS interface for communications with BMU module;
· 2 auxiliary outputs;
· 2 analog inputs with two channels for the automotive current sensor;
· 1 analogue auxiliary input;
· Data logger function.

Dimensions (LxDxH) 190x102x29,5 mm
Weight 280 g
Case Aluminium
Class Protection IP20
Working Temperature -20 ÷ +75°C
Humidity 5 – 95% relative humidity
Power supply 10 ÷ 15Vdc
Interface CAN-BUS/supply/enable logical input
Watchdog software
Input PNP 12Vdc · X1 – Charge Presence
· X2 – Auxiliary Input
· X3 – Auxiliary Input
· X4 – Auxiliary Input
Static Output MOSFET bidir 12Vdc 300mA max · Y5 – Multifunction Output
· Y6 – Multifunction Output
PNP static outputs 12Vdc 1A max · Y1 – Run Relay
· Y2 – Charge Relay
· Y3 – Safety Relay
· Y4 – Precharge Relay
PWM Output signal push-pull/open collector 12Vdc PWM battery charger interface
Current Input for sensors  0-5V analog ADC1 – ADC2 – Current Sensor
ADC3 – Aux
Communication Interface Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s
USB slave
Log parameters, log errors, log settings excange
Other functions watch
log parameters
log errors


Battery monitoring unit for temperature control
and the tension of each individual cell.

Each BMU module, depending on the model, can manage from a minimum of 4 cells up to a maximum of 12 cells. To manage a higher number of cells it is necessary to use more BMU modules. Each module is designed to be connected to the other giving rise to the modular BMS system.

Each BMU includes:
· Up to 12 cell voltage inputs;
· Up to 6 cell temperature sensor inputs;
· 2 temperature sensors, directly mounted on BMU;
· 1 output for supplying an external fan;
· 1 auxiliary output;
· Isolated CAN-BUS interface for communication with the BCU module;
· Redundant hardware protection circuit;
· Automatic CAN software update (through BCU software update).

Dimensions (DxPxH) 190x111x29,5 mm
Weight 320 g
Case aluminum
Protection degree IP20
Working temperature -20 ÷ +75°C
Humidity 5 – 95% relative humidity
Power supply directly from cells voltage
Minimum number of connected cells 4
Temperature sensors inside the module 3
Watchdog 4
Equalization resistors up to 12 (depends on BMU)
Interface to BCU module CAN-BUS/ interface power supply /abilitation output
Auxiliary output 1 (300mA)
Passive cell balance 1A Max
Number of inputs for cell temperatures 6
Temperature measurement range -20 +80°C
Number of inputs for cell voltage 12
Measurement range of cell voltages 0,8 – 4,4V



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