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PC NAVILOG 12, easy logistics on mobile vehicles

To satisfy customer’s needs in a complete and effective way, SCE designed the PC NAVILOG 12, which combines robustness and reliability, typically required for industrial PC, with a user-friendly installation and functions, as well as portability and reduced overall dimensions.聽The need was to improve logistics performance, especially during the warehouse loading and unloading phases, data collection through the mobility of the vehicles, such as forklifts and to create a direct line with the company information system.聽SCE Industrial PCs should have been mounted on mobile vehicles, so it was necessary to consider the operating environment: working outside the vehicles are subject to vibrations, dust, climatic events and do not have a direct supply.

The technical features that have made PC NAVILOG 12 the most suitable solution for the particular working environment are:
Wireless interface with high-range Wi-Fi
路 Diskless technology against vibrations and shocks
路 Quad Core processor with Fanless architecture for passive heat dissipation
Sunlight Readable display to ensure the best visibility in all conditions


路 Optimization of spaces and time through direct control by the central operating room of the company
路 Speed up the processes on board the machine via touch screen
路 Absence of critical components such as fans with the risk of problems in the presence of dust
路 Diskless: no components exposed to vibrations
路 Possibility of integrating external devices (eg barcode scanners) thanks to Bluetooth technology
路 Maximum protection of the device
路 Constant connection with the company ERP and information system
路 Small-sized devices that can be easily positioned on forklifts


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