UPS for Football Stadium Lighting System

UPS for Football Stadium Lighting System

BLUE-AP 20000 UPS can be used with different types of loads: from servers to automatic machines, from data centers to emergency lighting, these groups are extremely flexible and perform perfectly in any type of application.

In this specific case, the request was to give power continuity to a lighting system in a City Football Stadium. To guarantee the installation functionality even in the most problematic situations, it was decided to use a redundant system: with two UPS working in parallel, in the event of black outs or in case of maintenance, one of the two groups continues to work, guaranteeing power supply continuity, while the second can be repaired and / or maintained without inconvenience for the final users.

Thanks to the two external battery packs, with Long Life sealed lead-acid batteries, two hours of operation are guaranteed in the absence of the mains. Moreover, the whole system can be monitored thanks to the Ethernet interface given by the SNMP card integrated in the two UPS.

UPS technical features:

• Total power 40kVA / 36kW (2 UPS of 20kVA @ cosphì 0.9 (18kW));
• Parallel operation redundant mode;
• Rated input voltage 380/400/415 Vac Three-phase with neutral;
• Voltage range for mains operation 276 ÷ 478 Vac;
• Rated output voltage 380/400/415 Vac Three-phase;
• Output voltage stability ± 1% / ± 3%;
• Total efficiency AC / AC 96.1% (> 98% in “eco mode”);
• Unlimited overload capacity 115% for 10 125%;

• Harmonic distortion of output voltage <1% on linear load;
• UPS / Battery Box Dimensions mm (lxpxh): (2x) 500x706x960 / (2x) 800x500x1400;
• UPS / Battery Box Weight: (2x) 285 / (2x) 550 Kg;
• Umidità relativa 90% senza condensa;
• Input, output, by-pass and maintenance switch;
• LAN port for Ethernet communication;
• EPO (emergency power off) integrated.

SCE offered a “turnkey” solution, collaborating closely with the customer in all the commercial and operative phases, from the analysis of the problem to the installation and final testing of the equipment, giving the best technological solution to its business partner.